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David Larsen - President and CEO


David Larsen worked for many years as Director of  franchise development and Sales for the major hotel franchise companies.


David noticed that hotel owners were 'troubled' by excessive fees, long difficult agreements, LD's, transfer fees and many other details associated with operating a franchise hotel.  


While the basis of franchising a hotel gives some advantages, the overwhelming opinion of many owners was that there was poor ROI after the heavy fees and forced purchases and the terms of the agreements were not 'owner friendly'.


David created 4 National Brands for hotels, one for each property type.  The purpose was to solve most of the hotel owners continuing misery of daily operation and make available a simple agreement and eliminating most of the owners frustrations.  


Independent hotel owners can get the benefits of a national brand for their hotel.  It is now affordable and provides to independent hotel owners the much need GDS, TA, Online booking sites and Social Media in a much more affordable way.


Hotel owners can own and manage their properties with no franchise interference and avoid the ever rising associated franchise fees and costs.


David Larsen now provides the hotel owners across the nation a complete package to the hospitality industries the IDEAL BUSINESS MODEL for hotel owners to maximize profits and guest satisfaction for years to come.


Contact David today at or directly at Cell: 847-274-1011

eFax: (866) 205-4222

Our Development Team

Dan Sweigert

VP of Development and Sales  -  OH, IN, MI


Dan Sweigert began with David Larsen in 2006  as the Director of Development and Sales.  


Dan came to Affinity Inns & Resorts with a wide range of talent and experience in the hospitality industry.  Dan was General Manager of both independent hotels and franchise hotels.  He was Director of Sales for many years and was sales manager of the year. 


He was sales manager for independent hotels, franchise hotels and some very top end resorts.


Dan also owned and personally operated his travel agency in Ohio and has complete inside knowledge of the GDS, travel agents and now Social Media.  


Dan also conducted Sales seminars and private resort training for Sales Manager, sales reps, concierge managers and convention managers.


Contact Dan today at or directly at Cell: (412) 638-1992 

eFax: (866) 205-4222

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