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Mission and Values

Affinity Inns & Resort Group is the finest hotel affiliate hospitality BRANDING

Company for select service, extended stay and full service hotels in the United States.


Our quest is to achieve excellence for our guests, affiliate members, and investors in

the hospitality industry. This Quest is executed through our commitment to our core.


Our mission is to inspire growth of each of our affiliated properties through standardizing

hotel operations, marketing and development, emphasizing an affinity of hotels all

working together for the benefit of all. We will strive to become the best of the best in

Guest Satisfaction and Financial Performance for our investors. In everything we will;



Our mission is to inspire growth of each of our associates through career development,

emphasizing teamwork and integrity. We will foster on internal associate promotion, and

consistently provide our guests and fellow associates with a professional, friendly, and



Our mission is to ensure your hotel investments will result in investor returns that are

consistently amongst the best in our industry. We will create long-term value through

effective management practices, creative marketing strategies, cost efficient standard of

operations, with proactive cost control practices.



Our mission is to participate in the continuous improvement of our local communities

and preservation of our environment. We will recognize the impact we have on our local

communities and take pride in our involvement as leaders and citizens.


The heart of our hotel system is a carefully thought out MEMBERSHIP SYSTEM designed for hoteliers wanting and needing big time solutions to the frustrations of operating your most valuable hotel assets independently or with a difficult franchiser system.


You will be able to manage your hotel and expenses with maximum results to have satisfied guests and build your equity.


You will gain huge benefits to maximize your hotels day to day operations and profit by having instant access to the reservations systems, low flat fees and easy to read, understand and implement agreement


Take this short guided tour of the Affinity Inns & Resorts program and see for yourself that complete integrity awaits you with this agreement and arrangements designed to solve the franchise "Blues" and the Independents need to be in a National Brand to meet and beat the competition down the street.


About our Company : Discover how Affinity Inns are much different in a hotel owners approach to Profitabilty and guest satisfaction.


Affinity Inns & Resorts is a carefully planned and designed HOTEL MEMBERSHIP GROUP of hotel owners.


David Larsen, the founder and CEO worked for many years in the Hotel Franchise business as a Sales Rep.

After a few years David saw the discomfort of owners who had signed onto a franchise agreement.


The discomfort hotel owners were having was high fees, incredibly difficult franchise agreement dozens of pages in length requiring an attorney attention for many hours.

*  Long term agreements

*  High Franchise entry fees

*  High...very hign monthly Franchise fees and miscellaneous fees ranging up to 20% of annual room revenue.

*  Liquidated damages if a hotel owner wanted to quit early.

*  Huge transfer fees if the franchisee owner sold the property.

*  Daily faxes, memo's, emails with more and more rule changes and directives.


*  Endless annual FORCED PURCHASES that could cost the hotel owner $500 K or even more.


Well the list goes on and on.


David Larsen saw these outrageous problems hotel owners are having today with the crazy franchise agreements and decided to create a company that solves most or all of those problems with a simple one page agreement and no horrible requirements as listed above.


David's system of hotel membership BRANDING now has become the BEST OF THE BEST for almost every hotel owner.


He developed a plan and Brand for each type of hotel, motel and resort. There are four brands including Economy, hotels, resorts, inns and extended stay hotels.


4 Hotel Brands Join Today

Award Winning CareFree Inn Houston
CareFree Inn Mesa, AZ

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David Larsen

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