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CareFree Inns & Suites was established by David Larsen, CEO of Affinity Inn & Resorts to SOLVE most of the economy hotel owners misery with the franchise world and provide a real alternative solution that makes sense and is AFFORDABLE.  


Independent Hotel Owners: Brand your hotel & enjoy the BENEFITS of a National brand with LOW FLAT FEES and a short easy to understand agreement. Get more information now and Thrive in 2014. 


Franchise Hotel Owners :  The franchise hotel owners are now probably the most frustrated hotel owners in the USA with few exceptions.  


Most hotel owners regret signing their franchise agreement and want to opt out A.S.A.P....and join right into a better NATIONAL HOTEL BRAND that is affordable and makes sense.  "Please eliminate the hight cost, hassles and endless forced buying", etc. we were told...and David Larsen listened and set up these fine Brands for you.




• Membership Brands...Not a Franchise!
• Low application and initial fees (lowest of any national brand).
• Low flat monthly membership and marketing fee.
• Fees based on number of guest rooms not a percentage of revenue.
• 12 month terms with 90 day opt out with no annual renewal fee.
• Easy to read and understand Membership Agreement.
• No liquidated damages or other gotcha clauses.
• Internet connectivity to Global Distribution System Online Travel Agents.
• Fair PIPs (Property Improvement Plans).
• Choose your own Property Management System (PMS).
• Free brand web page and social media links (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter).
• Market Area of Protection (AOP's).
• Excellent vendor network (no forced purchases).
• Corporate staff dedicated to your success. 4 brands. One just right for you.
• You are not business for yourself but not by yourself.




The very high costs and long "dark" franchise agreement contracts gives the franchisers all the benefits and the poor owners gets all the burdens...year after year. 


David Larsens carefully developed a Membership System that provides the needed solutions for almost every hotel owner out there today working hard to provide great service and to get a fair slice of the profits for his big hotel investments.


This is especially important for the hotel owner who sees a possible downturn in the economy and needs to cut expenses carefully and thoughtfully. 


>>> Example : A 100 room hotel paying total franchise fees of just 13% ($130,000 franchise fee a year) can cut annual fees by over $100K and that can go straight to the bottom line at year end...every year AND increases dramatically the value of the hotel when the time comes to sell.***


>>> Here's how it works.....Galleria Hotels & Suites is a Flat Fee Membership and the annual fee is based on your number of rooms (not revenue).


The Flat Fee for a CareFree Inn is just $15 per room ($10 monthly membership and $5 monthly marketing fee). For a 100 room hotel with $1 mil in room revenue, the annual fees would be just $18K as compared to $130k as shown above. ***


You, the owner, benefits massively in comparison to the average hotel franchise costs your are paying now.


That could mean approximately $112 K annual savings to the owner with Carefree Inns FLAT FEES +- on a 100 room property with $1mil in room revenues. .***


If you have $2,000,000.00 in room revenue your saving could possibly be a whopping $224,000.00 +- per year going forward. Actually it may be time to opt out of our Franchise agreement right away and start saving. ***


Naturally each franchise fees vary and the saving could be more or less.


*** This is not a guarantee of saving as each franchise has different fees so this may vary, but gives an estimated comparative.


If you own and manage hotel properties, now is the time to make the move and JOIN THE AFFINITY INNS MEMBERSHIP GROUP AND THRIVE.


If you are in a franchise situation, when your contracts come to the end, call us immediately and start enjoying the hotel business again saving big dollars every month/year. 


Independent Hotel Owners want and need a National Brand and all the benefits of GDS, travel agents booking sites.


Affinity Inns & Resorts solves the independent owners problems such as access to AAA and lenders who required Branding. And the benefits to independent owners are big and joining is fast and inexpensive.


Any independent owners now knows that a National Brand affiliation is imperative to their major business investment to improve their off season booking and to get close to 100% occupancy during the in-season with advance reservations and much more walk in business.


Learn how Affinity Inns & Resorts delivers to you the real solutions you want and need today.


Independent hotel owners really want and need all the booking tools available today and be able to use them with the least expense.


Affinity Inns & Resort solves most problems and offers all Independent Owners and franchise owners the very best tools available including Social Media.


Hotels, Motels & Resorts should be BRANDED and not involved in expensive HOTEL FRANCHISES anymore. Things have drastically changed recently in the Hospitality industry and the overall economy.


Hotel owners who have signed up into a Hotel Franchise regret that decision and have discovered there is high and exorbitant annual franchise fees based on income, lots of rules and regulations, forced buying every year, LD's, transfer fees, PIP's, etc.  Now the Carefree Inns non-franchise MEMBERSHIP arrangement is best overall.


There are so many more horrible details in Franchise Agreements today that makes FRANCHISE COST & IMPLEMENTATION PROHIBITIVE NOW.  Opt out of your franchise agreement and get into a common sense ONE PAGE APPLICATION ASAP. Join Carefree Inns today and save big on fees year in and year out.


If you are and independent hotel owner, you can get onboard right away and get all the wonderful benefits of the Hotel Membership in CareFree Inns & Resorts and THRIVE.

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