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Arlington Suites

Arlington Suites 


This amazing Brand is for Extended Stay hotels and/or hotels that have a combination of rooms and suites. Each Arlington Suites receives our amazing guarantee of 70% occupancy or you do not pay the monthly fee that month. This is a terrific system that hotel owners love.


If your hotel is now a Extended Stay franchise or a Independent suite hotel, this is the BRAND for you.


Here are your Benefits as the owner :



• Membership Brands... Affinity Inns & Resorts is Not a Franchise!
• Low application and initial fees (lowest of any national brand).
• Low flat monthly membership and marketing fee.
• Fees based on number of guest rooms not a percentage of revenue.
• 12 month terms with 90 day opt out with no annual renewal fee.
• Easy to read and understand Membership Agreement.
• No liquidated damages or other gotcha clauses.
• Internet connectivity to Global Distribution System Online Travel Agents.
• Fair PIPs (Property Improvement Plans).
• Choose your own Property Management System (PMS).
• Free brand web page and social media links (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter).
• Market Area of Protection (AOP's).
• Excellent vendor network (no forced purchases).
• Corporate staff dedicated to your success. 4 brands. One just right for you.
• You are not business for yourself but not by yourself.




>>> Example : A 100 room hotel paying total franchise fees of just 13% ($130,000 franchise fee a year) can cut annual fees by over $100K and that can go straight to the bottom line at year end...every year AND increases dramatically the value of the hotel when the time comes to sell.***


>>> Here's how it works.....Arlington Suites is a Flat Fee Membership and the annual fee is based on your number of rooms (not revenue).


The Flat Fee for an Arlington Suites is just $20 per room ($15 monthly membership and $5 monthly marketing fee). For a 100 room hotel with $1 mil in room revenue, the annual fees would be just about $24K as compared to $130k as shown above. ***


You, the owner, benefits massively in comparison to the average hotel franchise costs your are paying now.


That could mean approximately $106 K annual savings to the owner with Affinities Inns FLAT FEES +- on a 100 room property with $1mil in room revenues. .***


If you have $2,000,000.00 in room revenue your saving could possibly be a whopping $212,000.00 +- per year going forward. Actually it may be time to opt out of your Franchise agreement right away and start saving. ***


*** This is not a guarantee of saving as each franchise has different fees so this may vary, but gives an estimated comparative.

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