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Free Vacation Rewards
Cruise Ship Rewards

AIR Rewards Guest Frequency Program

Affinity Inns provides Guest Rewards Tracking with our Spot On Software.

This offers our frequent Guest free stays & rewards No punch cards. No paper. No problems.

Customers earn and redeem rewards by scanning their SpotOn card or mobile app each time they visit.
(Roll out is expected Sept 2014)

Control what's happening at the counter.

• Manage our loyalty program from anywhere.

• Message customers with new offers to invite them back.

• Measure results with powerful analytics.

• View an individual's visits, reward progress, and the best way
to reach them.

• Auto categorization makes it easy to target offers to specific customers, like your biggest spenders or those you haven't seen in a while.

Extended Stay Lodging

World Wide Global Distribution System

Over 500,000 travel agencies around the world...working for you 24/7.

• Affinity Inns and Our Partners provide access to the major Global Distributions Systems (GDS) connecting your property to thousands of travel agent terminals worldwide.

• We utilize the most sophisticated technology available, making your connection to the GDS seamless next generation.Travel agents can access more accurate and up-to date information about your hotel at any given time easily and instantly.

• A considerable amount of time and investment has been put towards programming this connection so that real-time updates are made available and accessible to you.

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We put heads in beds at Affinity Inns.

Hotel guests still prefer to shop and book hotel rooms by speaking to a real human being.

This is not because they need just pricing; it is because they are checking service levels at the hotel. 

 * Voice reservation services are a core component of your direct sales strategy not merely an afterthought.
* Conversion rates are the best measure of call center success and should be tracked and analyzed mercilessly.

* Voice reservation agents are an extension of the hotels sales force and should be given similar training and incentives as an inside sales force.

Hospitality Sales is what we do!

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